Multiple Clipboard Manager for MS Windows OS

A seamless and efficient copy – paste workflow like never before!

ctrl7 clipboard manager
We’re almost ready to introduce this useful tool. Planning to launch early 2019.
Works with a wide range of Windows apps

Simple project management with intuitive design across many apps

Rocket your workflow on all Adobe apps

Maximize efficiency with an advanced way to copy multiple layers

All Microsoft Office apps are supported

Easily switch between apps and copy elements from different projects

Created by UI / UX designers

Getting started with Ctrl7 is fast and easy!

Self explanatory interface, looks like a native Windows 8/10 app. Displays previews of your files in a clipboard tab. Create up to 10 clip-shots and 6 separate clipboards.

Designed for

ctrl7 App for Designers
A must have for

UI/UX, Graphic
& Web Designers

An essential for

and Engineers

ctrl7 App for SMM Specialists and Accountants
A game changer for

SMM Specialists and Accountants

Why Choose Us

Speed up your workflow like never before

Preview the clip-shots you’ve copied with one click (Alt+D). Move your shots up or down. Track your entire clipboard using Ctrl+C.

Ctrl7 White UI
Ctrl7 Black UI
Sneak Peek

Short demo of Ctrl7 and a few key features

Preview the clip-shots you’ve copied just in one simple click Alt+D (on Default). Move your shots up or down. Track your entire clipboard when you simply use Ctrl+C.


What our beta
testers are saying

This app works good so far. I am overall happy with it and looking forward to use Full Version of Ctrl7. Definitely it will speed up my daily design routine on Photoshop and After Effects. Good job guys!
John Shelankow
Product Designer
Managing multiple projects across the Adobe Creative Suite created confusion and it was difficult to flip between all of my tabs. I love how the clipboard feature shows me what I have added and allows me to copy several pieces at once. It’s helped me organize my workflow and improve efficiency.
Greg Snow
Marketing Manager
Really fun and interactive. Does exactly what I want! Android SDK has something like that. And I was always wondering why hasn't anybody created the similar app for Windows OS. So Ctrl7 team nailed it!
Stanislav Kalin
Full-Stack Developer

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FREE 1 Week Licence
  • Become our pilot users and send us what you think about our app, On Pilot version you’ll get
  • Single clipboard tab
  • 2 customizable clipboard shots
  • Dark mode skin


$ 3.99 Lifetime License
  • 2 clipboard tabs
  • 4 customizable clipboard shots
  • Dark mode skin
  • Support


CONTACT US To get more information
  • Multiple clipboard tabs
  • Different color themes for the tabs
  • Up to 12 customizable clipboard shots
  • Displaying a source app and and source file you made a copy from
  • Dark mode skin
  • Support


  • Windows 7 / 8 / 10
  • Creative Cloud
  • MS Office
  • All Web Browsers
  • And Many More!

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